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Automotive air conditioning systems use refrigerant to absorb heat from the air in the interior area of the car out of the car, leaving only cooled or 'conditioned' air to be redistributed. It is important that the rubber seals are regularly scrutinised for any signs of leaks or damage which could well be allowing a loss of refrigerant.

For optimum performance the refrigerant in your Automotive Air Conditioner should ideally be replenished completely within four years of the manufacture date and every two to three years after that.

Your car should be inspected by a qualified workshop such as Adrians Auto Repairs regularly to make sure the air conditioning system continues performing at its best as well as having the mechanics assess the condition of the entire car.

Repco Authorised Service mechanics perform a 65 point Vehicle Inspection with every service and are often able to give you a heads up about any items that may need replacing in the near future or those that are already damaged beyond repair.


Adrians Auto Repairs care about the environment and can arrange automotive air conditioning service with a licenced technician.

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